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How to Reach Surat

Renowned as the port city of Gujarat, Surat is one of the quaint cities in Gujarat. Located on the left bank of River Tapti, Surat is recognized by its constricted streets and visually appealing houses. Flourishing textile and diamond business lure a considerable number of corporate guests to this city. The city is also made famous by the memories of Mahatma Gandhi. The place featured prominently in the historic event of Dandi March. Before you plan a tour to Surat, it is imperative that you have sufficient inputs on how to reach Surat. indianholiday.com is your one-stop search for garnering all the requisite inputs on reaching Surat.


Traveling by air is definitely one of the hassle-free ways of getting to Surat. The nearest airport to Surat is in Vadodara. There are a number of airlines whose flights ply back and forth from the Vadodara airport. Among the major cities that are connected to Vadodara are Mumbai and Bhavnagar.


The next viable alternative of getting to Surat is by the rail. Surat boasts of its own railway station. Surat is well connected to the other major cities in Gujarat and to the other states in western India by a good network of railways.


Traveling by road to Surat is also quite a feasible option. There is a network of well-laid roads that links Surat to the other major cities in such states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi. It is also not a problem if you wish to travel to Surat from Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

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