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Musical Instruments of Tamil Nadu

Music is the food for life and the Musical Instruments that are created in Tamil Nadu are exclusive and draws awe and admiration. Music and Dance is the pulse of South India. So, it is highly obvious that the musical instruments would be an integral part of the South Indian culture.

Tamil Nadu has numerous centers where this craft of creating musical instrument is popular. This craft is generally practiced in the Thanjavur Region and it is here that some of the finest musicians were produced. It is vital to mention here that the Tamils classify their musical Instruments not according to their types but according to the occasions on which they are played.

For example the Naadeeswaram is an important musical instrument that is generally played during the marriage festivals and Kumbu is associated with all types of religious festival. Percussion Instruments are used to convey messages to distant places and are similar to the one generally used in Africa.

Description of the Musical Instruments:

The Tamils generally use the Silappadikaaram which is one of the most ancient Tamil Instrument. Moreover you can also come across some of the exquisite Tamil Musical Instruments like Yaazh which comes in the shapes of boat, fish and crocodile.

It is almost similar to a harp or a lute which was much in vogue during the ancient times but now has gradually lost their use. It is synonymous to the versatile Veena. It is made up of Jack wood and the various parts of this instrument are made up of Kudam, top plank, neck and yaali. (These are the various parts of this instrument).

There are Thamburas made with wooden bases, Kuzhal-a Wind which is synonymous to Lord Krishna's Musical Instrument. This is renowned as Vangiyam and is made up of bamboo, sandalwood, bronze and Sengaali and Karungaali woods.