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Culinary Tour of Tamil Nadu

The most important feature of Tamil Nadu cuisine is its exquisite array of dishes that mostly comes with typical flavors. Spice is the main item in South Indian Dishes and there is a balanced application of spice in every culinary item.

Coconut is the main item in every curry, and this imparts taste and color to the required food item. Every part of Tamil Nadu has its special menu and this includes both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The Tamil people like Vegetation dishes that are rich in Coconut, Asafetida and tamarind. But generally Garam Masala is shirked in Tamil Nadu cuisine. To augment the taste of the meal there are additives like Chutneys and mixed spices.

Description of the Culinary Items:

The general platter in Tamil Nadu consists of Lentils, grains and vegetables. These are famous throughout the country but some exclusive Tamil dishes include certain menu consisting of chicken, mutton and fish. These are cooked in coconut oil and then spice is added for them to taste better. In Chettinad, the Chettinad Pepper Chicken is famous throughout the world. Biriyani and Paya can also be cooked exclusively according to the art of Tamil Nadu cuisine. They are delicious to taste and exhibit the South Indian culture.

Paya is a special type of South Indian food that comes with tasty Parathas and Appam, but it consists of spiced trotter broth. Idli is one of the most wanted culinary delights of Tamil Nadu. Idli is actually a cake that is prepared with steamed rice. A batter of rice and dal is prepared and then steamed in containers having circular moulds. Dosa, a crispy pancake like eatable, is prepared from rice powder and it comes in both plain and masala flavors.

If you visit Tamil Nadu, you shall find exclusive dishes from every region. They are tasty and spicy. For a gourmet, Tamil Nadu is a dream destination because of the wide variety of culinary items available here.