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Currency in Tamil Nadu

As an integral part of India, Tamil Nadu, like the rest of India is blessed with a culture and a heritage that dates back to ages immemorial. Coupled, with this are the several natural gifts of scenic locales, sunny beaches and majestic hills in Tamil Nadu, which make the province one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Tamil Nadu is also renowned for the several business as well as educational opportunities that it presents. Thus, a number of people travel to Tamil Nadu each year in search of travel as well as business and educational opportunities. Thus, if you are planning a trip to Tamil Nadu, here are a few tips that can help you know more about the province, including the currency in Tamil Nadu.

Currency in Tamil Nadu

The Indian Rupee is the currency used in Tamil Nadu as well as throughout the other parts of India. Controlled by the Reserve Bank of India, the Indian Rupee is made up 100 paise which is singularly known as paisa.

Rules Governing Currency in Tamil Nadu

According to the Indian Constitution, any foreign traveler arriving on the Indian soil can bring in any amount of currency he wishes to, including traveler cheques but this must be guided by an official declaration made at the time of his arrival to India. It is also stipulated that he should also leave with no more than the amount he had already declared himself to be carrying into the country.

Currency in Tamil Nadu

There are a number of organizations including several banks which offer currency exchange in Tamil Nadu.

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