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Shopping in Tanjore

There is an array of options for shopping in Tanjore. One of the major cities in Tamil Nadu, Tanjore or Thanjavur is renowned as the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu. While on a tour to Tamil Nadu, come to Tanjore, which lies in the east of Tanjore. Tanjore is home to one of the best temples in South India, the 10th century Brihadeeswarar Temple or the Big Temple and several other tourist spots. Enjoy shopping in Tanjore, while you explore the various tourist destinations in and around Tanjore.

Shopping in Tanjore is an amazing experience. During your tour to Tanjore, you can go out shopping at the several markets in Tanjore. There are several shopping joints within Tanjore including government run emporia and private shops. You may also visit the craftsmen at work and buy directly from them. You can avail of a variety of authentic articles at good prices at all these places.

Tanjore was formerly a princely state and under the patronage of the royals, tradition of art and craft reached a glorious height. Tanjore is renowned for its exquisite handicrafts and handlooms produced by its skilled artisans. Weaving, painting, jewelry, woodworks are some of its famous handicrafts which make for great shopping in Tanjore.

A prime traditional craft of Tanjore is silk weaving. While shopping in Tanjore, pick up some lovely Tanjore silk saris, weaved with broad border and unique motifs laden all over with Zari work. These saris are hugely popular for weddings and religious occasions.

The tastefully designed paintings of Tanjore, mostly of Hindu Gods, are also of great demand among the tourists who want to do shopping in Tanjore. Other items for shopping in Tanjore are Tanjore plates (with sombu, coconut), brass and bronze idols, bowls and vessels, and the exclusive Thalaiyatti Bommai, which serve as great souvenirs of a tour to Tanjore.