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Tezpur Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Tezpur

  • Tezpur
Tezpur At a Glance
  • Average Climate:14°c - 30°c
  • Best Time to Visit:October to April
  • Major Airports:Salonibari Airport
  • STD Code:

Tezpur Tourism | Tezpur Travel Guide

North-Eastern states of India have some exceptionally beautiful places that have always left travelers asking for more. A trip to Tezpur is one of the best examples that justifies this statement in its entirety. Located on the banks of the river Brahmaputra, Tezpur is known to be a consequential Assam state. One of the best destinations of Assam, Tezpur is known for its diversity in flora and fauna. Thriving with several species of birds, animals, and plants; this place is simply like heaven. The endless stretch of green paddy fields and lush green tea gardens filling up the nostrils of the visitors; is a completely different experience altogether. Over time, people have started visiting here frequently, which has made Tezpur a popular destination of Assam for family, solo travelers, and groups of people on a vacation. Offering a panoramic view of different landscapes, snowclad Himalayan summits, safari in wildlife sanctuaries, serene spots all over, and a calm environment to rejuvenate yourselves.

In other words, Tezpur happens to be a very enchanting and happening place for nature lovers as well as adventurers. Housing the perfect melange of adventure activities and a plethora of mesmerizing natural beauty, this place is a definite go-to destination. Experiencing a surge in visitors from around the country, Tezpur is on a high-speed development that has made it even better for tourists. If you are planning on visiting here, this is the perfect Tezpur travel & tourism guide that will help you in making the right choices. It comprises every important element and information that a person should know about the place in order to have a wonderful trip to Tezpur.

Why is Tezpur Worth Visiting?

Having already said, Tezpur is blessed with a diversity of flora and fauna that isn’t common in most parts of the country. Apart from its natural beauty Tezpur is also a great destination for adventurers as it holds a lot of good activities that would lead to heart-throbbing moments. One can plan a trip to Tezpur and enjoy both sides of this place. Also referred to as the “Culture Capital of Assam”, Tezpur houses some of the best attractions of Assam on the cultural front. People here are very much attached to their culture and spiritual beliefs that make it even more interesting to visit here.

So there are sufficient reasons to visit here and the one that stands above all the above-mentioned points is the serenity people living in the city miss. This place echoes with serenity all over making it a great destination to go to.

Places to visit in Tezpur

People usually prefer to visit Tezpur due to its serene and pristine environment. Like almost all the other states and towns of the North-East; Tezpur is also blessed with a plethora of natural beauty and artistic monuments. During your trip to Tezpur make sure of not missing out on these places. From lakes to hiking and trekking trails to temples; this Assamese town has a lot of places for tourists to explore, enjoy, and spend some quality time with friends and family. The town is developing at a fast pace which is making accessing these attractions easier and quicker. Here are some of the best places to visit in Tezpur. While iterating the entire trip, make sure to add these places.

  • Nameri National Park
  • Agnigarh
  • Bamuni Hills
  • Bura-Chapori wildlife sanctuary
  • Chitralekha Udyan
  • Da-Parbatia
  • Ouguri Hills
  • District Museum
  • Kalia Bhomora Setu
  • Padum Pukhuri Ketakeshawar Dewal
  • Nag-Shankar Temple
  • Mahabhairab Temple
  • Hazara Pukhuri
  • Bhomoraguri

Things to do in Tezpur

There are endless ways to enjoy a trip to Tezpur. With numerous attractions ranging from natural preserves to temples to lakes to hills, there are undoubtedly a lot of ways by which a person can enjoy themselves here. Here is a list of things to do in Tezpur and one should not miss out on these while visiting here.

  • Go on a safari at Nameri National Park
  • Enjoy some time at Agnigarh
  • Trek up to the summit at Bamuni Hills
  • Explore the flora and fauna at Bura-Chapori wildlife sanctuary
  • Enjoy the serenity at Chitralekha Udyan
  • Click pictures at Da-Parbatia
  • Hike to the sunset point and enjoy the view at Ouguri Hills
  • Explore the District Museum
  • Enjoy at the Kalia Bhomora Setu
  • Bird watching activity at Padum Pukhuri
  • Spend some time at Ketakeshawar Dewal
  • Offer your prayers to the lord at Nag-Shankar Temple
  • Worship to the lord at Mahabhairab Temple
  • Walk around the beautiful Hazara Pukhuri
  • Enjoy the view from Bhomoraguri

Ideal For

Tezpur has something for everyone and this makes it ideal for every kind of traveler. With different vistas, gorgeous and green hills, different temples, huge reservoirs, and lakes; nature lovers, bird watchers, adventurers, seasoned bikers, family visitors, and every other type of traveler can enjoy their time here.

Best Time to Visit Tezpur

Tezpur is located in Assam which is a state in North East India. The best time to visit Tezpur is during summers when the climate is pleasant and appropriate for exploring various places. So plan accordingly. Tezpur experiences summer between May and August.

How to reach Tezpur

One can reach Tezpur through air, train, and even by road. The town is well connected with other nearby places. Most people prefer a road trip to Tezpur from different parts of the country. Make no mistake, if you choose airways or railways, there are taxis, private cabs, and a few other public modes of transport are available from major cities, towns, and villages around Tezpur.

Accommodation in Tezpur

Seeking the surge of visitors year after year, Tezpur is now one of the fastest developing towns in Assam. This has steered the locals to develop and educate people about the various attractions of this town. On the other hand, they have also kept on improving and diversifying the accommodation options in Tezpur. From homestays to hotels, there are a lot of staying options available here. Accommodations include the best hotels in Tezpur are:

  • The Fern Residency
  • Adityas Hotel Centre Point
  • Hotel Kalash
  • Heritage Tezpur

Where to eat in Tezpur

Tezpur is popular for a lot of delicacies and these are hard to find anywhere but in this town. Here are the best places to eat in Tezpur.

  • Spring Valley Restaurant
  • Krishna Foods
  • Dhaba End Dee’s Samaroh
  • Kalash
  • Hotel Mousumi
  • Singpho Shat Gawk
  • Gardenia, The Fern Residency
  • Maaihang

Shopping in Tezpur

There are no such shopping centers here yet but they are under development and would be ready soon. One can still find a lot of small shops from where they can find souvenirs for their house.

General Tips

  • Do respect the spiritual and cultural beliefs of locals because they are very attached to them.
  • Try and savor the local cuisines as much as you can. They are scrumptious and hard to find anywhere else.
  • Make use of the serene spots to rejuvenate yourself so that when you return, you go back with a positive mindset and a recharged body.
  • Try to indulge in various cultural activities with the locals whenever or wherever possible. The trekking trails here are moderate so do have your trekking gears if you wish to trek here.
  • Explore the offbeat areas around this town. Ask the locals about them.
  • Even if you are visiting here during summers, keep some warm clothes because the temperature can fall after a couple of showers and rain here is highly unpredictable.
  • It is better to refrain from visiting here during monsoons. Assam experiences a high rainfall every year and this could make it difficult for you to explore all the places of Tezpur.

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