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Shopping in Thekkady

Indian cuisine is a fusion of numerous flavours, created with locally sourced spices. Additionally, Thekkady is Kerala's spice capital. During your Thekkady vacation, you can give yourself plenty of time to tour the numerous shops and spice farms. Additionally, a variety of antique or homemade goods are offered for sale.

Thekkady's retail streets will fill you with the aroma of tea, coffee, handcrafted chocolates, and other delectables while also offering a budget-friendly and culturally enriching shopping experience. It is wonderful to travel and see new places, but no trip is complete without bringing back a piece of the destination to keep the memories alive forever. Thekkady offers a variety of unique products for purchase.

Things to buy in Thekkady

  • Spices
  • Garden Fresh Fruits
  • Hand-crafted Souvenirs
  • Handloom fabrics
  • Forest Tribal Products
  • Kerala ethnic products
  • Kerala's special snacks, fresh chips, and homemade chocolates
  • Periyar woods

Best Thekkady Street markets

  • Green Land Spice Garden
  • Heritage art
  • Vroom Premium Car Accessories
  • Spice Inn
  • Village Spice Market
  • Ponnu's
  • Reebok
  • Village Shop

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