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Restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala reflects the rich cultural heritage of South India. The city with its golden beaches, towering temples and cosmopolitan look is the ideal destination for tourists.

Restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala:

Thiruvananthapuram is not only famous for its gopurams and colorful festivals but even for its mouthwatering cuisines.

The city has a number of restaurants which will offer you excellent hospitality along with great food. Thali is an interesting option in Thiruvananthapuram where they will serve you meals in an economical package. This is an interesting option if you try out one of these Thalis at the local restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram.

List of Restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram:

Amma: Located on the Central Station Road it offers a good variety of South Indian snacks.

Anand Bhawan: For all you veggies out there, this one of the finest vegetarian restaurant in Thiruvananthapuram.

Hot Breads, Anna's Arcade, Spencer Junction:

Amongst the restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram, if you are looking for some baked delicacies then head straight to these shops. From pizzas to cheese rolls it will surely satiate your sweet tooth.

Indian Coffee House: There are a number of restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram and amongst them the Indian Coffee House is a class apart. It has still preserved its vintage charm in its walls and its menus still serve the European breakfasts and snacks.

Apart from these there are a number of restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram which serves vegetarian and non vegetarian food.