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Guru Ka Taal

There are several architectural splendors in Agra to relish. Each possesses a distinct quality and flavor. The interesting part however is that most of the sites undeniably have historical and architectural importance but along with that there are some sites that share cultural and religious significance too. The example of the holy places in Agra can very conveniently be brought here. As the point of discussion is that some Agra attractions enjoy historical, architectural and religious significance so the mention of Guru Ka Taal in Agra becomes a must.

The Agra Guru Ka Taal is the most revered and venerated place of the Sikhs dwelling in Agra. Of the 10 Sikh prophets four are supposed to have visited this holy place. This beautiful gurudwara is located within the boundaries of Sikandra and every year it witnesses huge tourist influx.

History of Guru Ka Taal, Agra

Guru Ka Taal in Agra was erected in 1970s. Its construction was completed with the contributions and laborious efforts of Sant Sadhu Singh Mauni. A peep into the historical records will reveal that it was established at the site where Guru Tegh Bahadur surrendered to to Aurangazeb, the Mughal King. This apart, it is also said that Tal was a reservoir. It was decorated with intricate stone carvings.

Description of Guru Ka Taal, Agra

The Agra Guru Ka Taal is a holy place of worship for the Sikh. The four Sikh gurus of the 10 Sikh gurus are said to have paid it a visit. Enjoying both historical and religious importance, this gurudwara attracts end number of devotees and tourists. Every year thousands of devotees gather here to pay homage to the great Sikh guru. This 17th century red stone structure is reckoned among the magnificent architectural wonders of India. Boasting elaborate stone carvings and 8 towers of the 12 original towers, this gurudwara beckons travelers from far and away to bask in its glory.

The Guru Ka Taal in Agra is a very popular tourist attraction. It is kept open from dawn to dusk everyday. You don't need to pay admission charges to enter its premises. To reach this gurudwara you need to come to Baluchpura Railway Station which is just 5 km away from Sikandra.

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