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Mangleshwar Temple

Agra abounds in numerous religious places. The special feature of the holy places in Agra is that these are established to cater to every religion and sect. For Muslim community it has mosques, for Sikhs it features gurudwaras, for Hindus it boasts of some of the most revered temples. In some or the other way the religious places in Agra enjoy historical significance. But at the same time there are some which can supposedly be found without such association. One of these kinds of temples is Mangleshwar Temple in Agra.

The Agra Mangleshwar Temple is a very noted tourist attractions. Like other holy places, this temple also enjoys religious and architectural significance. Every year a surge of thousands of devotees can be noticed. It is located towards west of the Agra city center in Gokal Pura region. Its popularity is huge in the suburbs of the city and native people. The best time to visit this temple is festive season.

Description of Mangleshwar Temple, Agra

The Mangleshwar Temple in Agra is reckoned among the most celebrated religious sites of Agra. It is situated towards the western part of the Agra city center in the Gokal Pura area. This temple is very lavishly bedecked during festivities and exemplifies the religious diversity in Agra. Truly speaking, a visit during Hindu festivities will bring in spotlight the Hindu style of worship. The entire ambience of the temple acquires a gorgeous, animated and colorful look.

If you are also interested in paying Agra Mangleshwar Temple a visit and basking in its architectural splendor and religious importance then do come here. It is very near to the central railway line. This rail line connects the northern and southern regions of the Agra city. You can also come here by Ramratan Road.

From the Mangleshwar Temple in Agra you can head for other attractive spots of tourist interest that comprise of both historical sites and religious places. You will truly enjoy the diversion here by visiting diverse types of attractions.

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