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Raj Babri Mosque in Ahmedabad

The Raj Babri Mosque Ahmedabad is one of the most important monuments in Ahmedabad. The Raj Babri Mosque and the Sidi Bashir Mosque stands out among all other mosques in Ahmedabad, with their shaking minarets.

The shaking minarets are the most important feature of these mosques. Outside Ahmedabad, the only place where the shaking minarets are to be found is at Isfahan in Iran where they are called Monar Jonban (shaking minarets) with almost the same properties.

Raj Babri Mosque History :

The Raj Babri Mosque Ahmedabad in India was built around the 15th century. The mosque had two shaking minarets in the beginning, but later, the British, who wanted to study the architecture and construction tactic of the minarets and pulled one of them down. But sadly the minaret could not be pulled together again.

Most of the mosques in Ahmedabad were built during the 14th and 15th century; mostly during the rule of King Ahmed Shah, who founded and gave his name to the city of Ahmedabad.

Raj Babri Mosque Description:

The Raj Babri Mosque Ahmedabad is one of the popular holy places in Ahmedabad. The mosque now has only one minaret which vibrates distinctly. The minaret is about 40 ft. tall, tapering towards the top gradually from the base. The minaret has hanging carved balconies and small windows after regular intervals. A narrow staircase on the inside of the tower reaches up to the top which offers panoramic view of the surroundings. However, access to the stairs is now prohibited for reasons of safety.

The Raj Babri Mosque is located to the south-east of the railway station in the suburb of Gomtipur, at Ahmedabad.


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