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Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad

The Gandhi Ashram Ahmedabad is situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River. It used to the nerve center for the Indian Freedom movement. During the lifetime of Mahatma Gandhi, the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad India was known as Satyagraha Ashram and is now, one of the most significant monuments in Ahmedabad.


After his return from South Africa, Gandhiji decided to settle in Ahmedabad. It was for four reasons that he selected this place as the venue for his ashram- In his own words "being a Gujarati, I'll serve my country best through the use of Gujarati language. As Ahmedabad was the centre of handloom in early days, the work of spinning wheel (charkha) could be done in a better way, I believed. Being the capital of Gujarat its wealthy persons will also make larger contribution, I hoped."

And in none of this he was disappointed during his sixteen years stay in Ahmedabad. His first ashram was set up at Kochrab near Paldi of the present day Ahmedabad, which was a bungalow of his barrister friend Jivanlal Desai. However, this place had to be abandoned after two years in the wake of a plague epidemic.

The choice for the site of the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad in India now fell on a site on the bank of Sabarmati River, not far from saint Dadheechi's temple and in the vicinity of a Prison House. While laying down the objective of the Ashram, Gandhiji wrote: "To take training for the national service which is not contrary to universal wellbeing and constantly endeavoring for such national service is the aim of this Ashram."

To begin with, a few dwelling units were built and gradually the Gandhi Ashram Ahmedabad started humming with activities. The units were simple in style in celebration of the minimalistic style propagated by Gandhi. They were devoid of any extravaganza but were very functional.


At the ashram one can see the Vanatshala where Gandhiji first stayed. At this place handlooms were installed. One can also see but later on moved to `Hridaykunj', so named by Kakasaheb Kalelker as it was the pulse of the Ashram. This Spartan accommodation was to witness Gandhiji's journey from Mohandas to Mahatma the Father of the Nation.

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