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Shaking Minarets in Ahmedabad

The Shaking Minarets, Ahmedabad or the Jhulta Minar is one of the most unique monuments in Ahmedabad. Located in Siddi Bashir's Mosque near the Sarangpur gate this is one of the beautiful tourist places in the city.

History says that a slave of Sultan Siddi Bashir constructed the Siddi Bashir's Mosque and the minarets in the year 1461. Though there a number of myths surrounding the Jhulta Minar or the Shaking Minarets, Ahmedabad yet according to popular belief it was done to avoid the earthquakes. It is said that a European Sanskrit scholar, Monier M Williams noticed that the minarets are shaking. So this led to the name of Shaking Minarets or Jhulta Minar.

The Shaking Minarets, Ahmedabad is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Ahmedabad which you can see on your tour to Gujarat. Each of the minarets is 3 storeyed tall and they have intricate designs carved on them with stone balconies that are around 21.34 meters high. If any one of the minarets is shaken then the other minaret even vibrates. However the most surprising fact about the Shaking Minarets in Ahmedabad in India is their connecting passage which remains free of any kind of vibration. From intricate designs to the exquisite artwork the Shaking Minarets, Ahmedabad are one of the major tourist attractions in Gujarat.

It is also said that Britishers in order to learn the mystery of the Shaking Minarets, Ahmedabad destroyed one of the minarets in the Raj Bibi mosque. There are a number of Shaking Minarets in Ahmedabad. You can get to see them in Jami-Masjid and Bibi-ki-Masjid. However the Shaking Minarets, Ahmedabad can be best seen at the Siddi Bashir's Mosque.

One of the most beautiful architectural marvels, the Shaking Minarets, Ahmedabad is one of the finest tourist places in the city. On your tour to Gujarat visit this ancient monument of the Mughal era and enjoy the art and architecture of the bygone era. Besides this the massive earthquake of Gujarat had an effect on these monuments.

Just a kilometer from the Ahmedabad Railway Station and you can also take a flight to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport and then take a drive to the Shaking Minarets, Ahmedabad.

Besides this Rani Rupmati's mosque and Bhadra Fort are the important monuments in Gujarat. You can also plan a trip to the Rani Sipri's Mosque, Raj Rabri Mosque, Dada-hari-di-Vav, Victoria Gardens, Kutbi Mazar, Bhadra Fort, N C Mehta Museum of Miniatures and Calico Textile Museum.

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