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Science City Ahmedabad

Plan a visit to Ahmedabad irrespective of the season to explore the Science City where the Science education merges with entertainment to encourage the scientific temperament in the community of Gujarat and tourists alike. Its 13 main sections that are bootstrapped by the state-of-the-art facilities will take your full day. Little tourists or adults alike will pre-focus scientific aspects through very good installation and display.

Established in May of 2009, Gujarat, aka Science City, Ahmedabad, aims to popularize them and facilitate the promotion of scientific temperament amongst the locals of Gujarat and tourists minds alike. This science education and entertainment center has increased its hype after the recent addition of the Aquarium, Natural Park, and Robo Museum.

Due to the COVID 19 safety protocols, entry to Gujarat Science City is restricted to limited tourists a day. The best you could do is to check the official site of Gujarat Tourism and their section of Science City Ahmedabad online ticket booking or ask Indian Holiday to do the hard work for you! Expect to pay separate charges to Robotic and Aquatic Galleries. Here is everything to know about the Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad, including ticket price, contact number, attractions, programs, and rides.

Important Information About Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad

Nearest Airport to Science City Ahmedabad

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport/16 kilometers (approx.)

Nearest Railway Station to Science City Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Junction/11 kilometers (approx.)

Science City Ahmedabad Timings

10 AM - 8 PM except Monday

Parking Fee

Inr 5 for two wheelers and inr 10 for four wheelers

Entry Fee

Inr 5 for students with ID Card, 10 inr for child, inr 15 for adults

Planetarium Entry Fee (Inside Planet Earth Pavilion)

Inr 10 for students with ID Card, 15 inr for child, inr 15 for adults

Musical Fountain Ticket Rates (3 Slots)

Inr 20 (approx.) for everyone at 6:30 PM, 7 PM, 7:30 PM

3D IMAX Theatre Timings and Tickets

Timings Vary and tickets inr 125 for adults and  inr 50 (approx.) for students

Simulator Rides Tickets (Thrill Rides)

₹ 25 (approx.) per individual 

Aquatic Gallery Entry Fee (with 5D theatre)

Inr 200 for adults and ₹ 50 for students, and inr 150 additional for 5D experience

Robotic Galley Entry Fee

Inr 250 for adults and ₹ 50 for students

Nature Park Entry Fee

₹ 50 (inclusive in Science City Entry)

Other Programs Other Than Entertainment

Science Olympiads, Summer Camps for kids, Academic Programs

Place to Visit or Attractions Near Science City Ahmedabad

Hathee Singh Temple, ISKCON Temple, Sabarmati Ashram, Bhadra Fort

Places to Visit Inside Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad

Covering an area of 107 hectares (260 acres), the first and second phases of Science City Gujarat, Ahmedabad, saw the establishment of around 13 main attractions in Ahmedabad. Check out the quick overview of the places to visit inside the Science City of Ahmedabad:

10 Attractions of the First Phase Development

  • IMAX 3D Theatre
  • Hall of Space
  • Hall of Science
  • Energy Education Park
  • Life Science Park
  • Children Activity Centre
  • Simulator Thrill Rides
  • Musical Fountain
  • Planet Earth Pavillion (4D Theatre Shows)

What to Do Inside Science City Ahmedabad (Covering Places to Visit or Attractions)

Explore the major attractions of the Science City Ahmedabad with a guide for the best knowledge of each section. Here is our depth analysis of the 13 popular focal points of attractions inside Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad:

IMAX 3D Theatre: Feel like you are part of the experience of the movies that are bestowed with the latest sounds and 3D visualization technologies. Watch a 3D Movie with your kids to get goosebumps after watching earth documents movies inside MAX 3D Theatre.

Hall of Space: Let your kids jiggle with joy at the space-themed exhibition, Hall of Space, under the canopy of interactive models. Allow your kids to gain profound knowledge about the wondrous universe amidst the working models with physical demonstrations. A visit to the Hall of Space is enticing if you want to journey through solar system-themed space.

Hall of Science: Housing the working exhibits, this is one of the top attractions inside Science City Ahmedabad to garner your knowledge in the field of Science, Mathematics, and light and sound. A sneak peek into the Hall of Science will give kids and adults alike the profound knowledge of the Science models that have made a positive change for the sake of humanity.

Energy Education Park: This is yet another famous attraction of Science City Ahmedabad, which has the theme of energy as its core value, including both man-made and natural. Adults and kids alike can sniff through solar energy, wind energy, petroleum, and tidal power exhibits. Did we mention Energy Education Park has models of Sardar Sarovar Dam?

Life Science Park: As the name suggests, this attraction is the cluster of the cactus corner, cretaceous park, tissue culture lab, butterfly park, and an aviary. A visit to this place with kids is a rewarding experience because they will understand nature and evolution. Life Science Park inside Science City Ahmedabad is one of the famous places to visit with family.

Children Activity Centre: This is an extended section of the Planet Earth Pavilion. Kids visiting this section of the Gujarat Science City will make them aware about why natural disasters happen.

Simulator Thrill Rides: Let your kids manifest fun with a blend of learning by embarking on an exciting Simulator Rides centered around dinosaurs and space trips along with aircraft flying experience. Your kids will love 20 minutes (approx.) Mission to Mars ride inside the simulator capsule.

Amphitheatre: Translates to the open-air theatre where Science popularization activities are conducted, Amphitheatre can accommodate up to 1,200 people (approx.). Regular training programs for Science enthusiasts kids are held at Amphitheatre regarding state or national level competition.

Musical Fountain: This is indeed the real crowd-pulling attraction at Science City Ahmedabad for kids and adults alike. Unlike other musical fountains, this one is all about getting a sneak peek into the kinetic energy and calisthenics while catching a fountain show. Touted as a mere aesthetic thing, the evening is amplified by music, lights, and other effects around the waters. There are around 935 colored lights and 113 water jets which makes the sight a beholding experience.

Planet Earth Pavillion (4D Theatre Shows): Is your kid or other family members curious to know why natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides happen? If yes, then take them to the Planet Earth Pavilion, which is an awareness ground that highlights the aspects of the natural calamities. Inside the section, you will find exhibits related to natural disaster management. Plus, there is a children's activity corner, and the option to watch 4D shows followed by taking Children’s Activity Ride and Coal Mine Ride is the highlight.

3 New Attractions in Science City Ahmedabad (Second Phase Development)

Aquatic Gallery: Laced with touchpad displays and 5 D theatre, the largest public aquarium in India, Aquatic Gallery is the new addition in the Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad premises. Spread over an area of over 15,000 square meters, this Aquatic Galley has touchpad displays to select the species and learn about them via QR code on the touchpad displays.

There are 68 tanks and 28 meters shark tunnel worth around 260 crores (approx.). Watch marine life like reef sharks, Koi, alligators, zebra sharks, bonnethead sharks, black pacu fish. Around 11,600 fishes and 188 different marine species reside, which you witness while having a walkthrough underwater walkway tunnel. Inside the Aquatic galley, 5 D shows are also available.

Robotics Gallery: The ever-advancing field of robotics has always attracted kids and adults both. Watch the 79 types of robots at the Robotic Gallery inside the Science City of Ahmedabad and attend the robotic workshop that explains the use of humanoid robots used by the ISRO and DRDO. This gallery is spread over 11,000 square meters and while you enter, expect to be greeted with a Humanoid robot of whooping worth ₹ 127 crore.

Inside the interactive Robotic Galley, there is a Robot Café that will serve you food which is served by the robot as a waiter. If you are visiting Science City on Ahmedabad holidays with kids, it would be a sin to skip this newly added attraction inside the premises.

Nature Park: As the name suggests, it is a newly built nature park worth 14 crores and sprawls over 20 acres of land. It has 11 life-size sculptures of animals and various other beings. Nature Park is one of the best attractions inside Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad, with various sections under its belts like a walking area, various gardens, one waterbody, and kids playful spots.

Tips For Visiting Science City Ahmedabad

  • Book your tickets for Aquatic, Robotic, Entry, and Parking in advance because the weekend is of heavy rush
  • Differently-abled people can explore the Science City Ahmedabad in a wheelchair
  • Keep yourself hydrated while strolling the premises
  • Start your trip to Science City before lunch so that you can cover everything till sunset
  • The duration of a 3D IMAX movie is around 40-45 minutes (approx.)

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