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Places to Visit Near Ajmer

Ajmer in Rajasthan, India is one of the major tourist destinations in India. The variety of attractions ranging from natural beauty to a rich wildlife, historical significance to a number of forts and palaces, tourist attractions in Ajmer manage to attract a huge number of tourists from different parts of the world. However, Ajmer not only possesses a number of tourist places itself, it also as a number of nearby tourist attractions. Hence, excursions from Ajmer are often an integral part of the tour itinerary of Ajmer. Excursions from the city of Ajmer provide you an easy visit to some of the most famous monuments and tourists spots of Rajasthan. The excursion will also let you visit various shrines and palaces of the state, which are located near to the Ajmer.

Places to visit by excursions from Ajmer

Excursions from Ajmer let you visit a number of famous tourist spots in Rajasthan, India. Pushkar is one of the most famous tourist spots that the excursion will take you to. Visit to the Puhkar Lake will be a wonderful experience. Located on the boundary of the desert, the lake is surrounded by hills on three sides and thus is a treat to the eye. The lake manages to attract a huge number of tourists from different parts of the world. The holy status of the lake helps in increasing the total footfall even more as apart from regular tourists, a large number of devotees also visit the place. It is believed that as Lord Brahma was searching for a serene land to carry out Yagna, a lotus fell down from his hand into the valley. The Ajmer excursions will also let you visit other holy places as on your way to Pushkar Lake you will also visit the Brahma temple. Other tourist attractions like the Annual Camel Fair, visit to Man Mahal and Pushkar Fair is also included in most of the excursions from the city of Ajmer.

Tour to Kishangarh is also an integral part of excursions from Ajmer. The fact that Kishangarh is located only 27 kilometers away from Ajmer makes it even more viable. During the tour, you will get the opportunity to visit 'Kishangarh School of Miniature Paintings'. It will be a lifetime experience to witness the renowned paintings that depicts Radha, Krishna's consort. The excursion will also take you to the magnificent Fort and Phool Mahal. Though it is transformed into a hotel but the visit is worthwhile. Many tourists buy a number of marble products from here as a memento of their visit to this famous tourist spot.

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