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Tour to Kishangarh

Excursions from Ajmer have caught the frenzy of many tourists from different parts of the World. The fact that Ajmer is surrounded by a number of beautiful spots gives more fuel to the idea of excursions from Ajmer. The increasing popularity of Ajmer excursions has made a number of tour operators interested in offering attractive Ajmer excursions. There are many places to visit during the excursion. Each of these places has a distinct appeal and provides a wonderful experience to the tourists. Tour to Kishangarh is one of the most comprehensive tours that will provide a great experience for you. A place with a rich historic past and a number of attractions, Kishangarh tours are truly an enriching experience for the tourists.

About tour to Kishangarh

Located only 27 kilometers from Ajmer, Kishangarh was ruled by Maharaja Kishan Singh in the year 1611 AD. It was also under the rule of Rathod Clan. The particular place as climbed up the ladder in terms of popularity among tourists. A lot of tourists these days are opting for tours to Kishangarh in order to witness the first established miniature painting schools. This school was established by Maharaja Sawant Singh and was a result of the king's love for art and poetry.

Tour to Kishangarh will also let you visit the two beautiful towns of Kishangarh. The towns are located 3 kilometers away from each other and reflect a sharp contrast. The town located near the railway station is relatively urbanized while the other is relatively rural. The tour will also take you to a number of renowned localities. Visiting these localities will be a wonderful experience as you will not only get to see some of the best handicrafts but will also be able to witness some splendid marble works. The splendid marble works are inevitable as Kishangarh currently enjoys the status of being the largest marble and granite cutter in India. However, Kishangarh offers much more than these as you will also savor the culinary Rajasthani delights at Kishangarh.

Places of Interest in Kishangarh:

Tour to Kishangarh has so much popularity among tourists as Kishangarh as a tourist destination has a lot to offer. There are a number of tourist spots in Kidhangarh. Some of them are as follows:

Kishangarh Fort: Constructed by Maharaja Roop Singh in the year 1653, the fort is a must visit during Kishangarh tours. Having some distinct features like fortified walls with intermittent fosse, this feature has played an important role against enemy attacks. Getting a view of the fort from the surrounding hillocks is a great experience. Hence, Kishangarh Fort is one of the most popular places of Interest in Kishangarh.

Phool Mahal: Phool Mahal is a must visit as well during the Kishangarh tours. It will provide a wonderful experience to the tourists, especially to those who love flowers. As the name suggests, it is actually a palace of flowers. Constructed in 1870, the palace in the course of time had been transformed into a luxury hotel. However, the transformation has not robbed off its originality altogether. It is still surrounded by lovely garden and offers a breathtaking view of the Kishangarh Fort and the Gundal Lake.

How to Reach Kishangarh: Well connected t by roads and railways, Kishangarh is easily accessible from different arts of the country. With the nearest railhead only 27 kilometers away, reaching Kishangarh from any part of India won't involve any hassle. The airport is not far away either as it ids located 145 kilometers away. The best way to avoid any hassle while traveling to Kishangarh is to avail the services offered by Indian holiday.

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