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Subhash Bagh in Ajmer

The splendor of the city of Ajmer attracts thousands from all over the world. The city has earned fame in the tourism map of the country for the famous Dargah Sharif, Ajmer and many other religious shrines. The city plays host to more than a million pilgrims every year and is a major pilgrimage for Islam.

Another facet of the city that has been drawing lot of travelers to the city as well is the Lakes and Gardens in Ajmer. The city is adorned by many lakes and gardens that have accentuated the beauty of the place for centuries and the Subash Bagh and Daulat Bagh, Ajmer is one of them. The garden was built by Shah Jahan on the Eastern banks of the Anna Sagar Lake.

Amidst the buildings and the various constructions of the city the Subash Bagh and Daulat Bagh provides the sheer relief to the locals and the visitors with its greenery. The garden is adorned by a beautiful "Baradari" and the numerous trees. The garden was named as Daulat Bagh by Shah Jahan which has recently been changed to Subhas Bagh by the authority.

The beautiful garden built by Shah Jahan is punctuated by the beautiful white marbles lying on the eastern banks of the Anna Sagar Lake.

The garden shines like a jewel in the throne of Ajmer which attracts many tourists. The Subash Bagh and Daulat Bagh in Ajmer in India is a must visit for the tourists while on a Tour to Ajmer. 

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