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Monuments in Ajmer

There are a number of Monuments in Ajmer. The Ajmer Monuments have a traditional and an aesthetic look to them. Visitors will find many interesting, glorious and beautiful historical monuments in the picturesque and historical city of Ajmer. Some of the beautiful monuments are the Dargah of Miran Syed Husain, Ajmer Sharif, Taragarh Fort, Anasagar Lake and the Jama Al-Tamish.

The beautiful Anasagar Lake is an artificial lake that was constructed sometime in the 1150 A.D. by the great Raja named Anaji. Tourists should definitely visit the Chilla Khawaja Shaheb that is located at the top of the Anasagar Ghati. The Ajmer Sharif is situated in the oldest part of Ajmer. Ajmer Sharif is well known for the tomb of the saint who founded the Sufi order, Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti.

Jama Al-Tamish is more popularly known as Dhai Din-Ka-Jhonpra. Amongst all the Monuments in Ajmer this monument is a noteworthy example of a unique mix and blend of Indo-Islamic architecture. The beautifully made pillars and minarets of this monument prove the superb architectural skill and acumen that has been used.

The Dargah of Miran Syed Husain, also called the Hazrat Miran Syed Husian Asghar Khangswar's Dargah is located on the highest point of the Taragarh Fort. This Dargah of Miran Syed Husain is one of the most beautiful and eye catching Monuments in Ajmer, Rajasthan.

Famous for its huge gates and its superb architectural splendor and grandeur is the massive Taragarh Fort. Out of all the Monuments in Ajmer, India, the Taragarh Fort is one of the largest monuments. Visitors should definitely visit Miran Saheb ki Dargha which is located inside the Taragarh Fort. There are many more masterpiece monuments in Ajmer which need to be visited by the tourists whenever they tour Ajmer.

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