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Ajmer Government Museum

One of the most attractive propositions of the city of Ajmer that narrates the rich history of the place and preserves it with utmost care is the Ajmer Government Museum, Ajmer. The museum is among the most frequently visited Museums in Ajmer and is an essential part of the Tours to Ajmer. The Ajmer Government Museum is located in the famous Lohagarh Fort. The museum is at times is also called as Bharatpur Museum is home to a rich collection of archaeological artifacts from the nearby old Bharatpur state.

There are many section of the museum which showcases various specimens of work that includes a rare collection of miniature paintings. The Art Gallery of the museum is the place to enjoy the paintings on leaves of the Peepal trees, mica and old litho papers. This section of the museum also features the finest paintings of the Maharajas of Bharatpur. Some of the sections in various locations of the museum also contain different guns used by the rulers of Rajasthan along with the miniature canons which dates back to 18th century and are called 'Chaddra'. The miniature canons were believed to have used by Maharaja Sawai Jawahar Singh in the battle while passing through the Jaipur territory which are in two sets of eleven each.

The sections in the museum are categorized as Archaeology, Armory, Arts, Crafts and Industry, Children Gallery and the miscellaneous section. The museum ahs served as a great preserver for the loads of unique objects of antiquarian interest and were laying uncared scattered all over Rajasthan.

Ajmer Government Museum in Ajmer India was started in the year of 1908 as an endeavor put in Government of India. The museum was significantly named Rajputan Museum and is home to some of the important exhibits from almost all the princely States of Rajasthan. The visitors can also enjoy the rare books at the library attached to the museum.

A trip to the museum will take the visitors close to some of the rarest exhibits of Adhai-din-ka-Jhonpara along with the artifacts from Gupta to the late medieval period.

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