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Nasiyan Jain Temple

Truly one of the best Jain temples in Rajasthan, the Nasiyan Jain Temple is a prime Digambar Jain sacred site in Ajmer. Also known as Soni Ji Ki Nasiyan, this temple boasts an elegant architectural feel. It is a man-made gem, the perfect example of traditional Jain-style architecture, and a real treat to the eyes of the devotees and tourists.

Dedicated to Lord Adinath, the first Tirthankara of Jainism, this temple is made of red sandstone. Stones and precious metals have also been used extensively. Nasiyan temple is not only a popular religious spot but is also a famous tourist attraction in Ajmer.

History of Nasiyan Jain Temple

The construction of the temple was an initiative of wealthy Jain merchants who wanted to build an architectural marvel in Jain temples. Starting in the year 1864, the construction took 31 years to get completed. Finally, in 1895, the Jain Temple in Ajmer was opened to the general public.

Chief Attractions & Architecture

Popular for its structure, the temple has a huge red sandstone entrance, similar to Mughal architecture. However, while the exteriors are simple, the interiors are the opposite - all decorated with gemstones and precious metals.

The main structure is separated into 2 areas because of the varied purposes. While the first area is the place of worship with the idol of Lord Adinath, the second one is a museum, housing amazing things relating to Jainism and its teachings.

There is also a huge hall, called Swarna Nagri, decked up with gold and other metals. It comprises gold-coated wooden objects adorned with silver, gold, and gemstones. Here, one can also spot mini models of different Jain temples of India, artifacts related to Jain mythology, and the country's holy places, including Prayag and Ayodhya.

The ceiling of the temple’s inner chamber is ornamented with silver balls. Mineral-colored paintings and Belgium stained glass make the hall look extremely luxurious. This temple is also known as the ‘Golden Temple’, because of its extensive use of gold, precious stones, and other precious metals. The temple complex also consists of a museum. The complex of the temple also has fortification all around, a typical feature seen in Jain temples.

Nasiyan temple is an excellent example of the ever-so-stunning Jain temples. It is a must-visit sacred site in Ajmer. The artistic work and bejeweled interior of the temple are sights to behold

  • Ajmer Jain Temple Timings: 9.00 am - 4.00 pm
  • Ajmer Jain Temple Entry Fees: INR 10 for Indians, INR 25 for Foreigners


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