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Gardens in Allahabad

The historical city of Allahabad is a major tourist destination if India. The city is among the biggest cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh which is home to memorable landmarks punctuating the beauty of the place. The city attracts thousands every year with its beauty and the important places that are famous internationally. The city is the stage for the famed ‘Kumbh Mela’ that brings in more than 30 million people at a time making Allahabad one of the most populated temporary cities of the world. The city is also enriched with a glorious history that narrates the tales of the struggle of independence. The city is filled with the Tourist Attractions in Allahabad among which the Gardens in Allahabad are an attractive proposition.

The city of Allahabad is one of the oldest among the world which has witnessed many periods’ pass by leaving behind the trails of history in its monuments. The city was a part of the reign of the Mughals as well as an important place for the British rule as well. The Gardens in Allahabad has always played an important role in the beautification of the city. It has also stood as the witness to various historical incidents which has made them an important part of the city. The travelers are attracted to the beauty and the grandeur of the city that casts a spell of magic in their mind. The gardens have also become an indispensable part of the Allahabad Tour and have helped in accentuating the beauty of the place.

The city of Allahabad has a mixed population of Hindus and Muslims living there for centuries. The gardens of Allahabad have also been the witness to the various incidents involving them. As a matter of fact it is impossible to think about the history of the city taking the account of the gardens of Allahabad out of equation.

The present day city has played an important role in shaping the tourism industry of the state. For the city the gardens have played the same making it more beautiful and attractive.


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