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Company Gardens

An essential part of the Allahabad Tour has always been the Gardens in Allahabad that has accentuated the beauty of the place for centuries. The gardens have been the witness of the rich history and the varied cultural implications of the city that has been one of the oldest cities in the world. One of the famed gardens of Allahabad which has stood as the witness to one of incidents that has left a deep mark on the history of struggle for freedom is the Company Gardens, Allahabad which is at times even called as Alfred Park. The Company Gardens is a very attractive proposition for the travelers to the city of Allahabad and it attracts many visitors every tear as well.

The garden is strategically located in the heart of the city and just behind the Allahabad Museum. The travelers to Allahabad can visit the place during any time of the year which can be easily accessed by the different modes of transportation.

The Company Gardens in Allahabad in India is the largest gardens in the city. The park bears a huge effigy of George V and Victoria installed at the centre of the park. The park stood as the ceremonial ground for the official ceremonies of the British Raj which was evidently followed by the musical performances of the Police Band.

The park came to fame during the Indian Freedom Struggle as it stood the witness to the famous encounter of bullets between the British police and the brave heart of Indian freedom struggle, Chandra Shekhar Azad or simply ‘Azad’ as he was fondly known. The bravery of Azad made history when he took to his oath of never ever surrendering to the British force and he fought till his last bullet and last breath at the park when the British force surrounded him from all directions and showered bullets on him. Presently a statue has been erected at the place where Azad finished his part of fight in the freedom struggle.

Other than the rich history the park the tourists also get attracted with the beauty of the park accentuated by the greenery and the exclusive atmosphere. A visit to the Company Gardens, Allahabad is a must while on a tour to Allahabad.


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