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Allahabad Fort

Allahabad Fort, Allahabad stands tall on the northern banks of the river Yamuna near the confluence. The fort must definitely be visited for tourists who plan for a tour to Allahabad. The main attractions of the fort are the Design element and the Saraswati Kund.


Allahabad Fort, Allahabad was built in the year 1583 by the great Emperor named Akbar. The Allahabad Fort was the largest fort built by Akbar. In the olden days this massive fort was considered among the best garrisons in the entire Mughal Empire.


Allahabad Fort in Allahabad in India has huge and massive walls and three gateways that are flanked by high towers. The glorious outer wall of the fort rises above the water's edge. In the fort the most interesting and picturesque structure is the Ashoka Pillar that was earthed by the order of the great Mauryan King, Ashoka in 232 BC. The victories of Samudragupta have been praised in the inscriptions on the pillar. The pillar also contains decrees that were there since the times of Ashoka.

There is also the famous Saraswati Kund that is reckoned to be the source of the mythical river Saraswati. Another interesting and attractive monument in the fort is the Jodhabai Mahal. The design of this mahal follows the fusion of the Hindu and Islamic architecture pattern. The Allahabad Fort, Allahabad also contains the Patalpur Temple and the much revered and much honored Akshaya Vat, an immortal Banyan tree.


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