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Anand Bhavan

Indira Gandhi, the "Iron Lady of India" had donated Anand Bhavan, Allahabad to the Indian Government in 1970 which was ultimately converted into a museum by an order given by her. The museum is very well maintained and well kept and is definitely worth a visit.


Anand Bhavan, Allahabad is the ancestral and hereditary home of Jawaharlal Nehru (the Nehru family), the great freedom fighter and the first Prime Minister of India. Anand Bhavan has also served as a home to Indira Gandhi. Today the place has been converted into an excellent museum.

The place has quite a historical value attached to it because several momentous and important decisions and events took place here which were related to the freedom struggle.


The main building of the Anand Bhavan, Allahabad houses a museum in which there exists the memorabilia of the Nehru family. The high regard in which this famous dynasty is held in India is shown and indicated by the shrine to the Nehru family.

Anand Bhavan in Allahabad in India displays quite a few interesting and historical items and things. Nehru's bedroom and study is definitely the most interesting portion of the museum. There is a room in the museum that was specially dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, where the “Father of the Nation” used to stay during his visits.

There is another room as well that was dedicated to Indira Gandhi which displays many of her belongings. Some of the belongings of Moti Lal and Jawaharlal Nehru are also on display in the drawing room.


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