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Krishnapuram Palace in Alleppey

One such tourist attraction in Alleppey. is the Krishnapuram Palace. The Travancore monarch, Marthanda Varma, created this palace, a masterpiece of Keralean architecture. The best examples of the local history and culture are kept here. People are fascinated by the architecture of this palace, which features gabled roofs and winding hallways that lead to rooms with dormer windows. A vast variety of specimens, including sculptures, silver and bronze artefacts, canvases, paintings, etc., are on show in the palace, which also serves as a museum. All of this makes it a desirable travel destination for lovers of local history and architecture. Anyone interested in cultural experiences can catch a taste of the history and culture of this area in this palace. Consequently, the Krishnapuram Palace is an intriguing place to visit in Allepey for several people.

Best Time to visit Krishnapuram Palace in Alleppey

Although the palace is open all year round, the months of September through March see the most visitors. Several cultural festivals take place in Alleppey during this time. Another plus is the lovely weather. As a result, September through November, after the monsoon season, is the best time to travel.

How to reach Krishnapuram Palace in Alleppey?

Located halfway between Alleppey and Kollam, is the Krishnapuram Palace. It is located 30 kilometres from Kollam and 47 kilometres from Alleppey. There are road connections for cabs, vehicles, and buses. The closest railway station is 2 kilometres away and is located at Kayamkulam. Other nearby railway stations include Cheppad and Oachira. The largest railway hub in this region is Kollam, which is located 39 kilometres from the palace. Trivandrum Airport, located 103 kilometres away, is the closest airport. The distance to Cochin Airport is 132 kilometres.

Things to do at Krishnapuram Palace in Alleppey

  • The must-see areas are the areas with the stone inscriptions and the archaeological remnants.
  • Visit the museum's megalithic artefacts, rare currency collections, and antiques area.
  • Discover the wide variety of sculptures at your disposal, including bronze statues, wooden carvings, and stone sculptures. All are available here.
  • Mural paintings are a prominent feature of the Krishnapuram palace, which contains a section specifically for them. Make sure to go there.


  • Give yourself enough time to visit the palace.
  • Between 1-2 pm, the palace remains closed. Visits should be avoided during this time.
  • Pets are not permitted on the property.
  • For cameras, there is a charge of Rs. 25, and for video recorders, there is a charge of Rs. 250. For a single video session, they demand Rs 1000, and for a full-length movie, they demand Rs 1500.
  • Inside the palace, there are dining, changing, and restroom options.
  • After 4 o'clock, the palace closes and no one is permitted to enter.
  • Popular For: Cultural Experience Seekers, Architecture Enthusiasts and History Buffs
  • Entry Fee: Rs 10 for adults and Rs 5 for children
  • Visiting Time: 9:30 am -4:30 pm except on Mondays
  • Visit Duration: 1-2hours

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