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Marari Beach Alleppey

Marari Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala and is known for its serenity. Located near Alleppey, it is a great place to explore the backwaters of Kerala and unwind amidst a peaceful environment. Marari Beach is situated in the charming Mararikulam, a fishing village lined with endless coconut palms. You must indulge in some favorite activities and make the most of your time on this visit. Keep reading to learn more about Marari Beach, how to reach it, things to do, the best time to visit, and much more.

Things to do in Marari Beach

Marari Beach is the perfect place to chill and relax. Besides relaxing in the peaceful environment and witnessing the views of the vast ocean before the eyes, there is much more to do at Marari Beach. So, here are some of the exciting things to do at Marari Beach for a fun time -

  • Enjoy the serenity on the sandy beaches.
  • Roam around the beach.
  • Spend quality time with loved ones.
  • Enjoy Snake Boat Races (in August).
  • Indulge in sea surfing, parasailing, water skiing, etc.
  • Go deep-sea fishing for a unique experience.
  • Taste the local alcohol called ‘kallu’ from the toddy shops.
  • Shop for fresh prawns, fish, and seafood from the local fishermen.

Best Time to visit

Kerala remains extremely hot during the summertime and extremely humid during the monsoon; thus, these must be avoided. To enjoy the pleasant weather and indulge in water-based activities on the beach, December to March is the best time to visit Marari Beach.

How to reach

Kerala, one of India's most popular holiday destinations, is well connected by air, rail, and road. But before you plan your holiday to Marari Beach, here are three ways you can reach Marari Beach.

By Air - Kochi is the closest airport to Marari Beach. You can take a flight from major cities in India and reach the airport quickly. You can hire a car or a taxi to get to the beach.

By Train - Board a train to either Alleppey, Kottayam, or Cochin and take a taxi to reach Marari Beach.

By Road - Kerala has a great network of roads. Thus, you can easily plan a trip with loved ones and book a cab or a taxi via NH 47. The beach is located 1 km from Marari Village.

Nearby Attractions

Once you are done unwinding at the beach, there are many places to visit near Marari Beach for added fun. For a short trip, visit these places near Marari Beach -

  • Marari Village - Learn about traditional coir-making units.
  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary - Enjoy watching colourful birds.
  • Kerala backwater canals - Explore the backwaters on a houseboat.
  • St. Francis Church - Admire the architecture of India's oldest European church.
  • Mararikulam Shiva Temple - Offer prayers to Hindu Gods Shiva and Parvathi.

Nearby Accommodation

You can stay at the Marari Beach Resort to maximize your time at Marari Beach. It is one of the luxurious resorts that are popular among tourists. Here, you can enjoy rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments and take yoga classes. In addition, there is another place to stay around Marari Beach called 'A Beach Symphony' that has four cottages on this beach.

Nearby Restaurants

Marari Beach has many restaurants around it serving lip-smacking foods. These places are incredibly close and offer great views of the beach. Some of the top restaurants around Marari Beach are-

  • Ms Marari Beach Restaurant
  • Cafe Cloud 9
  • Coffee Temple
  • Cafe Littoral
  • Marari Beach Hut Restaurant
  • Palm Heaven Marari Homely Restaurant

Other Tips

  • Avoid visiting Marari Beach during summer and monsoon as the weather is extremely sunny and humid.
  • Do not forget to put on sunscreen while you bask in the sun.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Carry your swimsuit so that you can enjoy swimming, only if the tides are low.

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