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Thottappally Beach in Alleppey

Famous for the novel and movie "Chemmeen," Thottappally Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Kerala. It is located in Thottappally, in the Alappuzha district of Kerala, and is an active fishing harbor that lures tourists here regularly. Another interesting attraction here is the Thottappally Spillway, which helps separate the freshwater of the Thottappally Lake from the saline water at the start of the river that goes into the Arabian Sea.

Visit here, witness the beautiful ocean views, and unwind with your loved ones. The texture of the sand, the lovely backdrop, and amazing sunsets make it one of the best places to visit in the Alleppey district. Keep reading to know more about Thottappally Beach, how to reach it, things to do, the best time to visit, and much more.

Things to do in Thottappally Beach:

If you want to witness picturesque beauty and have a soul-soothing experience, visit Thottappally Beach. There are great things you can do here besides relax and chill. Here are some of the most exciting things to do at Thottappally Beach to have a great day trip with your special ones-

  • Enjoy the peaceful environment of the beach.
  • Lie on the sandy beaches.
  • Stroll around the scenic beach.
  • Treat your eyes to the vast ocean views.
  • Spend quality time with loved ones.
  • Go swimming, only if the tides are low.
  • Make sandcastles.
  • Catch the mesmerizing sunset.
  • Click pictures for memories.

Best Time to visit Thottappally Beach

Kerala is quite hot and humid during summer and the temperature drops as the monsoon kicks in. Therefore, winter is the best time to visit Kerala and Thottappally Beach to have the best experience. Besides, the beach can be visited throughout the year, but summer must be avoided. The best time to visit Thottappally Beach is during the evening to witness the spectacular sunset and capture incredible pictures during the "golden hour."

How to Reach

Kerala is one of the popular tourist destinations in India and, thus, is very well connected to the major cities and towns of India via air, rail, and road. Before you visit, here are the ways to reach Thottappally Beach:

  • By Air - Cochin International Airport is the closest airport to Thottappally Beach in the Alleppey district. It is located nearly 53 km from Alleppey and can be reached by hiring a taxi or cab. Regular flights connect Cochin International Airport to major airports in India.
  • By Train - To reach Alleppey by train, you can take a train to Alleppey railway station, which is connected to all major cities in Kerala and India. In addition, there are frequent trains available, and from the station, you can take taxis, buses, autos, etc., to reach Thottappally Beach.
  • By Road - Many KSRTC buses allow tourists and locals to travel comfortably throughout the state at reasonable rates. You can take private bus services that connect with other adjoining states too. You can also hire a taxi from nearby places.

Nearby Attractions

Once you are done unwinding at the beach, there are many places to visit near Marari Beach for added fun. For a short trip, visit these places near Marari Beach -Kurattikadu Pattambalam Devi Temple: One of the famous Devi temples in the region. Erattakulangara Sri Mahadeva Temple: A solemn space to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Nearby Accommodation

Here are some of the best places to stay in Thottapally, in the Alleppey district, that offer decent services and amenities. You can choose from a high to a low-budget range of hotels and have the best stay possible.

  • Green Palace Ayurveda Resort (10 km away from the beach)
  • Triveny River Palace (12 km away from the beach)
  • Heritage Garden Stay (15 km away from the beach)
  • Splendid Stay (15 km away from the beach)
  • Exquisite Retreat (15 km away from the beach)

Nearby Restaurants

There are several places to eat near Thottappally Beach that serve some lip-smacking foods. All these places are close enough, and you can sit and enjoy your meal with loved ones. Some of the top restaurants around Thottappally Beach are -

  • Nanoo’s Hotel
  • Kalpakavadi Restaurant
  • Kalpakavadi Inn
  • Grilled House
  • Arabian Cafe
  • Cafe Cloud 9

Other Tips:

  • Avoid visiting Thottappally Beach during summer and monsoon as the weather is extremely hot and humid.
  • Wear sunscreen to avoid tanning and sunburn.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and wear sunglasses.
  • Carry your swimsuit to enjoy swimming, only if the tides are low.

If you are planning to visit Thottappally Beach in Alleppey, then you must check out our Alleppey tour packages.


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