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Places to visit in Neemrana

Tensed with the fact that the holidays are almost knocking but you still haven't decided on your holiday destination. No need to worry at all. If you are looking for a place that should have a variety of tourist attractions to make it enjoyable for all the members of your family then it must be Rajasthan. Rajasthan is truly a dream destination for tourists. There are a number of places in Rajasthan that has plenty of nearby tourist attractions. The presence of these attractions makes those places hot favorite among the tourists. These places help the tourists in visiting a number of places without traveling much. Alwar is one such place. The presence of a number of tourist attractions in and around Alwar has led to excursions from Alwar. These excursions take you to a number of tourist attractions. Tour to Neemrana is one such tour that offers you a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical significance. Having a number of attractions, Neermana tours are very popular among tourists of all tastes.

Neemrana derived its name from the local chieftain Nimola Meo. The name of the place also has its association with history. As Niloma Meo was defeated by the Chauhans, he pleaded to the Chauhans to give his name to his kingdom. The place derived its name like this.

Tour to Neemrana will offer you the beauty of a princely state that has a number of forts and palaces. It is also known to have heritage resorts of the country. For instance, the Neemrana Fort built by the king Raj Dev in 1464 AD is a major attraction for tourists. Though the fort had been converted into a resort but the various princely features of fort still remains intact. These features appeal to large number of tourists. Tour to Neemrana will also offer you the beauty of sprawling acres of land. The fort on these 25 acres of land is in its ruins. However, the ruins of the fort had been restored since 1986. The rooms of the fort boast a colonial architecture and will reveal splendor and grandeur of royal era.

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