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Lakes and Gardens in Alwar

These lakes and gardens are also a major attraction for the tourists. In fact, these lakes and gardens contribute a lot towards the overall beauty of the place. Alwar also has its share of these lakes and gardens. The lakes and gardens in Alwar are an integral part of Alwar tours. It gives a complete shape to the tourist attraction in Alwar.

Tourists will love the experience of walking through the beautiful gardens. The gardens with lush green surrounding, aromatic flowers and a variety of birds offer a lovely date with nature. The experience of visiting these gardens will reveal a sense of divine pleasure.

In fact, melodious song of the cuckoo will have a soothing effect to your ears. These gardens and lakes in Alwar are thus a pride of the state. They are an integral part of Alwar tours. The serene beauty of these gardens and lakes make it a perfect place to nest in order to have a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. While visiting the various gardens in Alwar the one that should not be missed is the Garden of Bhangarh, Alwar.

The various lakes in Alwar are also a great attraction for tourists. These lakes are also popular as picnic spots. Though there are a lot of lakes in Alwar but the one which attract most number of tourists is the Silserh Lake. On visiting the lake, you will get to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the place. The breathtaking view is so much soothing to your soul.

Thus, these various lakes and gardens in Alwar are a must visit during Alwar tours. The increasing popularity of these lakes and gardens is one of the main reasons for the increasing number of tourists' footfall in Alwar. Reaching Alwar is not at all difficult as boarding the Fairy Queen will take you straight to Alwar. Most of the tourists make use of this train to reach Alwar.

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