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Historical Monuments in Alwar

As soon as one utters the word 'Rajasthan', the first picture that flashes in our mind is a beautiful sand desert with a number of sand dunes. It's true that Rajasthan is most popular in the global tourism industry for the desert but there are a number of other attractions as well. Rajasthan also enjoys a great high historical significance.

In fact, this historical significance helps in attracting a lot of tourists. There are a number of places in Rajasthan which is visited by a large number of tourists only for its historical significance. Hence, the historical significance of the state also contributes a lot towards Rajasthan's premiere status as a great tourist destination. There are a number of places in Rajasthan that reflects the rich history of the place. Alwar also has its share of historically significant places. The monuments in Alwar are some of the most visited spots in Alwar. Reflecting a rich history of the place and revealing the various features of the architecture of the royal era, these Alwar monuments are a must visit during a tour to Alwar.

The monuments in Alwar includes temples, cenotaphs etc. These structures are visited by a large number of tourists. On visiting these structures, you will be able to witness the excellent architectural skills of the craftsmen of that era. These monuments stand proudly as an edifice to the royal era of Rajasthan. The monuments also have a lot of historical significance.

These structures have witnessed a number of significant historical happenings. For instance, the temples in Alwar have survived the number of destructive raids of Sawai Raja Jai Singh. The temples dedicated to the various Gods and Goddesses provide a clear picture of tradition and spiritual importance of the place. Visit to the temples of Alwar will also let you witness some of the most significant spiritual structures like the Shiva Linga and the Nandi bull. Moreover, the various cenotaphs built in the memory of famous figures also let tourists to get an idea about the famous figures of the region.

Though there are a number of Alwar monuments in Rajasthan but the one that must be visited is the memorial of Rani Moosi. It is a double storied structure that offers a magnificent view. The intricate marble carvings are a treat to the eye. Other attractions of the place include the Tomb of Fateh Jung. It is also a very popular attraction for the tourists. The massive dome of the tomb will add to your value of visiting the monuments in Alwar.

The monuments are truly a great visit as they are one of the best ways to have a look of the architectural features and rich history of the royal era of Rajasthan. Architectural features like a blend of Islamic and Hindu architectural styles are a major draw for the tourists. Hence, during your tour to Alwar, you must keep enough room to visit the various monuments in Alwar. It will truly be thoroughly enjoyable experiences.


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