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Museums in Alwar

One of the first Rajput regions in Rajasthan to join hands with the British, Alwar in the current scenario is a hilly region that is famous for various attractions. As Alwar has got its name mentioned in an era as old as 1500 BC, it surely has a lot to narrate to the present  generation. And what better than a museum to know the history. Keeping these things in mind, Alwar proudly presents its tourists with a couple of museums that have gradually turned into popular tourist attractions in the city.

Among these storehouses of historical collections, Alwar Government Museum and Palace Museum are the most popular. Both of these museums exhibit some of the most precious artifacts from the bygone Royal Rajputana rule, which Rajasthan has always been proud of. Besides, one can set his eyeballs set on the antiques of the Mughals and also gather first hand information about foreign invasions in India.  


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