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Temples in Alwar

Alwar is dotted with significant shrines and some of these shrines are visited by huge numbers of pilgrims; one such example of the same is Neelkanth Temple. This ancient temple is approximately 20 km away from Alwar and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to locals, it was constructed between 6th and 9th century AD.

Presiding deity of Neelkanth Temple is Shiva Linga. Other popular temple of Alwar is Bharathari Mandir. The temple is dedicated to the ruler of the king of Ujjain, who left behind his kingdom to become a saint. Legends say that he returned to his wife and asked for bhiksha, in return she gave him a fruit and after eating it he turned immortal.

One must also not miss Hanuman Temple. In the temple, the idol of Lord Hanuman is in a lying posture. The legends are associated to the era of Mahabharata. Karni Mata Ka Temple of Alwar is dedicated to Karni Mata and is popular in all of India. The architecture is inspired by the style which prevailed during late Mughal Era. About 20,000 black rats have found sheltered in the temple and they are believed to be holy rats having strong connections with the deity. It is considered lucky if someone spots a white rodent while having darshans in the temple. Temples in Alwar are a must-visit for their architectural brilliance.


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