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Jain Temple in Alwar

Alwar’s Jain Temple is one of the many reasons why people consider visiting this city of Rajasthan. The temple is considered to be atishaya kshetra (a place of salvation) and is often known as Tijara Jain Temple. This is an important pilgrimage site for the followers of Jainism. In 1956, Tijara Jain Temple was established and an idol of Chandraprabha was placed here.

The idol was unearthed from the ground, which makes people believe that this place was once a dehra (Place where Jain idols are worshipped). Principal deity of Tijara Templs is of Chandraprabhu, which is 15 inch tall and is built from white-stone. According to the inscription on the idol, it was installed on the third day of Vishakha Shukla, in 1554. The idol is placed in a rectangular temple along with another idol made of black stone.


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