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Wagah Border

Wagah Border is situated in Punjab can also be pronounced as Wahga and its Indian name is Attari which is a village and union council. It is situated in the Northern part of the Border state of, Punjab, India. The small town is famous for the Wahga Border Ceremony. Wagah is situated 600 meters west of the border of Pakistan and lies on the famous Grand Trunk Road between Lahore and Amritsar in India. The border is located 23 km from Lahore and 31 km from Amritsar. The Wagah Border Parade on India and Pakistan border is one of the most peculiar tourist attractions. The Flag Folding Ceremony at the Attari-Wagah Border is the Daily Military practice that the Border Security Forces (BSF) of India and Pakistan Rangers have conjointly followed this since 1959. It is an alternative symbol of two countries ‘vying’ as well as brotherhood and cooperation between the two nations. The marching ceremony, also known for the “Silk Walk Ceremony” which is conducted each evening along with the flag ceremony. The ceremony had started in 1986 as a resemblance of peace.

There is no trip to Amritsar that can be complete without visiting Wagah Border or Wagah-Attari Border which is the geographical boundary segregating India and Pakistan. Thousands of civilians and tourists from Amritsar visit Wagah Border to eye witness this ceremony every day. Here are many tourist places to see around in Attari such as Keeler Gate, Tank Chowk, Wagah Border Park, Gobindgarh Fort, Pul Kanjari, Gurudwara Baba Bakala and many more.

How to reach Wagah Border

To reach Wagah Border, you would need to reach Amritsar first. There are three ways to reach Amritsar which are by air, by road, and by train. Shri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport is the nearest airport from Amritsar. Cab and taxis are easily available from the airport to reach the grand city. The city is also well-linked by road to the closest cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Shimla. On the other hand, tourists also take a train ride from different parts of India like Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Mumbai, etc. to the railway T-junction in Amritsar.

Best time to visit Wagah Border

The best time to visit the Beating Retreat Ceremony both in winter and summer. Ceremony starting time is 4:15 P.M in winters and 5:15 P.M in summers. It lasts for about more than 50 minutes. There is the limited entry, so you need to arrive at least before an hour to attend the ceremony. The Border gate remains open from 10:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M, but you are not allowed to be there before 3:00 P.M to witness the ceremony.

If you have a small estimate and little time then this is the best place for you to visit. There is no fare or fee for attending the Wagah Border ceremony for tourists at Attari- Wagah Border. The parade is a free show and a free entry at Attari-Wagah Border.

Here aresome additional or important tips for travelers, make sure you arrange a meeting place after the ceremony, remember there is no mobile reception in the propinquity or surrounding, Do not carry too many valuable things with you, take your passport so you can get into the VIP section, it takes hardly 30 minutes to get in the security check so try to arrive by 4:30 P.M. Make a mental note of where you parked your vehicle as it will be dark at the time when you arrive back to home. It is an amazing, amusing and bizarre place to have fun with the great feeling of patriotism.

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