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Goindwal Sahib

Another immensely important Sikh pilgrimage site is Goindwal Sahib, famous as the first center of Sikhism. Located about 23km from Taran Taran Sahib, its situated on the banks of River Beas and is an important commercial center for the district. Goindwal Sahib has been an important pilgrimage destination for the Sikhs since the 16th century, and is accorded a special importance because it was here that Guru Amar Das worked for around 33 years to preach the teachings of Sikhism.

Upon entering the langar, you are greeted with brilliantly created murals that depict scenes from Sikh history. It was Guru Amar Das Ji (the third Guru) who helped in the establishment of this place as well as the construction of the Gurudwara and Baoli (well), which can be reached through a flight of 84 steps. Those who come here believe that by reciting the Japji Sahib (the divine Word which was revealed to Guru Nanak at every step) after taking a bath in the baoli, one attains liberation from 84,00,000 cycles of life of this world.

Goindwal Sahib is built in the traditional Sikh style of architecture. Constructed of white marble, it consists of an enormous dome capped by a gold pinnacle which lends it a very royal appearance. The beautiful floral designs on the cornice draw the attention of visitors.


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