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Bird Watching in Andaman

Bird Watching, also known as Birding, refers to the act of studying and observing birds, either by using a visual enhancement device such as binoculars or with naked eyes. In the case of birding, usually an important auditory component is put into use as a number of times, a huge number of birds’ species are easily spotted as well as identified by ear, in comparison by the eyes. In comparison to ornithologists who partake in the official scientific study of birds, birdwatchers partake in this activity for social or recreational reasons. Bird-watching in Andaman is a delight.

There comes a time in the year when a huge number of birds fly from north to south to nesting or wintering locations. For the task of bird watching, early morning is the best hour of the day as this is the time when huge numbers of birds set out from their nests in order to search food. It becomes easy to find and observe them. Those birders who are interested in viewing rare bird species they are required to travel long distances to locate rare or new avifauna species, with the intention of adding them into their personal list of birds they have observed.

Those interested in wild bird watching can visit Port Blair, where they can certainly see some rare birds. Species of wild birds that you can spot in the Andaman Islands include types of species of woodpeckers, goldfinch, sunbirds, white-bellied sea eagles, blue jay, long-winged harriers, eastern bluebirds, grackles, along many more.

Although rare bird species can be seen throughout the year, February to May is the time to visit Andaman Nicobar Islands for bird watching. Birdwatchers can see more than 350 species between these months.

Best Bird watching spots on Andaman Island: Chidyatapu, Mount Harriet, and Diglipur along with a few others.


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