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Water Sports in Andaman

Water Sports are the most sought-after adventure activities in Andaman for anyone who happens to visit these exotic locales. The vast sandy beaches, beautiful azure waters, and an absolutely ethereal and exciting atmosphere is a perfect setting to indulge in your favorite pastimes. By the virtue of its excellent scenery and surroundings, many different kinds of water sporting activities are possible in Andaman, furnishing an incredible dose of wholesome adventure to visitors. The waters of Andaman are not only clean but are host to an incredibly exotic and vastly fascinating and pristine marine life, which makes sporting activities such as Sea Walk, Snorkeling, Scuba as well as Deep Sea diving, much more exciting and enjoyable.

Water Sporting activities in Andaman are undertaken at many different locations and spots across different islands. The Water Sports Complex located at Port Blair furnish great options for adventurous sporting activities such as Jet Ski, speed boats, and banana rides. On the other hand, there are several options like snorkeling besides sea walk, scuba diving, and speed cruise boat at North Bay Beach and its outlying coral reefs. The place is also one of the best spots to do wilderness trekking.

Havelock, which is located at 39 kilometers northeast of Port Blair, is another haven for thrilling water sports. A picturesque location with fascinating beaches, Havelock is abundant in exquisite wildlife and is thus a popular destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea walking, while the options for jet skiing, Speedboat, etc., are also available.

Best time to Visit

The time to visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands is between October and May to enjoy water sports. Generally, travelers should avoid visiting the area during the monsoon season (July to September) due to high tides, continuous rain, and strong winds.

The water sporting activities in Andaman are truly unforgettable, and it is great fun to undertake and enjoy them whenever one happens to visit these amazing archipelagos.


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