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Jolly Buoy Island

Positioned 30 km towards southwest of Port Blair, Jolly Bouy Island is one of the most popular islands in Andaman Islands. Twisted, dry tree trunks are scattered on the long white sandy beach. During high tides, it is ideal for partake in snorkeling to explore the corals here. A part of Mahatama Gandhi National Park, this island is easily accessible.

At 09:00 AM, a boat from Wandoor beach carries the visitors to Jolly Buoy Island. All the boats leave at the same time and come back together. The island is a ‘No Plastic Zone’ and thus one has to submit all plastic items at the beach, before entering the boat. There is a deposit charge of INR 100 against each item, which is returned once you are back.

You can enjoy the underwater coral views in a glass bottom boat ride. For more adventurous souls, there is facility of snorkeling and scuba diving. These activities are offered for a very short duration of about 5 to 10 minutes. If you wish to enjoy more of these activities, additional amount has to be paid.

Visitors can be present at the Jolly Buoy Island up till 02.00 in the afternoon. Journey back to Wandoor beach begins starts around 02.00 or 02.30 PM. Red Skin Island and Jolly Bouy Island are open for 6 months of an alternate basis in a year for protecting the corals.

This is an uninhabited island and thus it is important that you take of your belongings on your own. Avoid visiting during rainy season as there are no shelters to save you from the pouring rains. If you wish to simply relax on the shores, you can carry bed sheets, food and water. Before leaving the place, carry all your belongings.


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