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Mangrove Creek Safari in Andaman

The Andaman Islands, a scenic archipelago in India, is famed for its white-sand beaches fringed by palm trees, tropical rainforests and mangroves. Mangrove Creek Safari in the Andaman offer plethora of exciting opportunities. Grown in brackish waters or muddy and shallow salt water, the emerald green mangroves are considered as the best in country in terms of growth and density

Spread on either side of the meandering creeks in the Middle and North Andamans, the lush mangroves add to the beauty of the astounding island. The lifetime experience can be enjoyed at the tourist spots in Andaman like Yerrata creek, Dhaninalla Mangrove creek, Sabari Village –Rangat Middle Andaman and Baratang Island.

Making your ways through the nature-made tunnel of the thick mangrove forests and soaking-in the immaculate beauty are the best things to do in Andaman. Photographers, nature lovers and explorers find this place not less than any paradise. Even bird watchers can also discover the expedition worth every penny for spotting rare species of birds. A once in a lifetime experience can make your holidays in Andaman a memorable one.

Plan a trip to Andaman to enjoy a wonderful sojourn in the jungle on the sea, a unique experience altogether. Marvel at the only mud volcanoes in India, explore the Limestone caves – Mangrove Creek Safari offers all this and much more.

Things to Remember for Mangrove Creek Safari in Andaman

  • Try not to put hands in the sea. You may get pulled into the water.
  • Be very cautious during the safari. A very slight tilt in the sitting position of anybody can make your craft unsteady as these diesel country boats are not steady in the sea.
  • Make sure that sufficient gap is maintained between the returning and ongoing boats to the Limestone Cave. As, there is only one way to reach and return the cavern, there are chances that a returning boat may hit your vessel and your hands can get crushed if placed on the edges. So, it’s better to take care of your hands.
  • The turns are very narrow and sometimes the sides and edges of the boat hit the banks of the channel. Don’t panic in such a situation and sit firmly to avoid falling off.
  • Make sure you carry a valid permit while entering the region where it is mandatory to carry one.
  • Try not to move alone. It is always better to travel in the desired vehicle with the desired group.

One should never miss to go for a Mangrove Creek Safari in the Andaman Islands for an ultimate experience.


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