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Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Beaches offer an enthralling experience to the tourists visiting there. The sea beaches are clad in greenery on one side and carpeted with golden sand dunes. The glittering sand dunes stretch for miles to meet the sea, rouses one's curiosity about what lies beyond! Stretching for miles alongside the sea, the beaches of Andhra Pradesh offer an elegant drive and a cool dip for the tourists.

The blue ocean seems to speak much about the land across; people stroll beside to discover the secret that the sea holds, never to be revealed! A beach holiday at Andhra Pradesh ensures entertainment and relaxation for a perturbed mind. Tourists find a suitable place for recreation at the verdant sea beaches of Andhra Pradesh. The beaches in Andhra Pradesh offers the tourists an opportunity for a skiing, wind surfing, water gliding and a superb dip during the winter with an overhead sun. Andhra Beaches are one of the most visited places in India.


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