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Rishikonda Beach

The Rishikonda Beach is located at Vishakhapatnam (also known as Vizag). The Rishikonda Beach is an exclusive beach carpeted with golden yellow sand dunes and hemmed by the verdant coconut trees on either side. It merges with the sea in order to complete its destination and also allows the visitors full fledged entertainment.

The tranquility associated with the Rishikonda Beach is just indescribable. It is perhaps the other name for heaven on earth. A sunbath in the sea and sun-basking in the sand beach is a thrilling experience and is also beneficial for health.

The Rishikonda Beach is the best sight for the swimmers. They find a scope to display their swimming talents in the cerulean sea. The vast expanse of the aquamarine expanse seems to drive ones thought across the horizon making him contemplative and poetic.

Poetic talent seems to erupt like volcanoes in the hearts of a man once he is in the Rishikonda Beach. The picturesque setting allures him and sends him back to the times past to rediscover some of the bright golden moments of his life which he cherishes with exceptional pride and spontaneity.

The water skiers also find the Rishikonda Beach an invigorating experience. They dive down with the waves of the sea, sometimes surfacing along with the wave and sometimes diving deep down into the unfathomable depths. They offer a unique site for the visitors.

The skiers with their boats make miraculous twists and turn and are the charming sight for the visitors. The wind surfers also find an enthralling experience with the surging and dying waves an flies high above with their parachutes along with the sea-waves down below.

The entire atmosphere seems to brighten up with the colorful boats and parachutes. The azure sea reflects them with pride and so, a visit to the Rishikonda Beach is just a handsome experience.