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Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh

Hill Stations are a sporadic relief from the din and bustle of daily lives. The Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh are bestowed with the richness of natural flora. The lush green landscape, the transverse hill slopes extending across the region impinges another hue to the colorful landscape. The Mountainous Ranges are a welcome relief from the tropical heat prevalent elsewhere in India. There are numerous Hill Stations located at Andhra Pradesh. Mostly the Hill Stations are located at a higher distance over hill. The principal Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh are the following:


Horsley Hills:

is located at a distance of 144 kilometers from Tirupati. The collector of the Cuddalph district also known as W.D Horseley had a summer residence here. The place derives its name from this renowned collector. It is located at an altitude of 1,265 meters from the sea level. The vegetation here is abundant and attracts tourists and includes some of the rare and exclusive trees like Eucalyptus, Jacaranda, Gulmohar and Allamanda. The Horseley Hills is a natural home to the Chenchu Tribes. There are many wild animals found at Horseley Hills. They include the Bears, Wild Dogs and Jungle Fowl.


Sampangi Flower is typical to this region of Andhra Pradesh. This region is renowned for the Pungannur Cows which have a high Milk yielding capacity.

Araku Valley:

is located just 115 kilometers from Vishakhapatnam District and the natural landscape is charming and exquisite. It is located just 26 kilometers from the sea level. The thick forest that envelops the Araku Valley offers extensive trekking tours and also some of the thrilling exploration into the caves present there.

Anantagiri Hills:

offers a scintillating view of sunrise and sunset. This Hill station of Andhra Pradesh is replete with numerous medicinal trees that offer relief from deadly diseases. Herein lies the value of the Anantagiri Hills. The Musi River flows through this region and the coffee plantations at Andhra Pradesh offers another exquisite sight. The marvelous waterfalls, offer some of the unforgettable memories to the visitors.