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Amravati Stupa in Amravati

The Amravati Stupa is a famous specimen of the Buddhist art and architecture of ancient India. It is located at Amravati in Andhra Pradesh, which is around 65 kms from the city of Vijayawada. Amravati Stupa is visited by hundreds of tourists and pilgrims which makes it one of the popular tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh.

The Amravati Stupa in Andhra Pradesh is located on the banks of the River Krishna and is a wonderful relic of the grand architecture of the Buddhist school of architecture. Amravati, which was the capital of the ancient Satavahana dynasty, came under influence of the Buddhist faith through the Kushanas of Mathura. There is also a 2000-year-old Buddhist settlement and a Lord Amaresvara Temple adjacent the Stupa.

The Amravati Stupa, Andhra Pradesh dates back to around 2000 years and is as tall as the Sanchi Stupa. It is also known as the Mahastupa or Deepaladinne and was made by a representative of Emperor Ashoka. It is made of brick and consists of a circular vedika which depicts Lord Buddha in a human form over an elephant. The Stupa has high platforms rising up to 95 feet which protrude in four directions. The Stupa is important specimen Of Mauryan architecture in South India.

There are various representations of Lord Buddha in the form of sculptures in the Amravati Stupa. There are beautiful carvings and sculptures which interpret the life of Buddha and his incarnations from the Jataka tales. Most of the archaeological specimens of the Stupa are related to the Vajrayana teachings of Kalachakra.

Amravati is also easily accessible. It is well connected with Vijayawada and other important cities in Andhra Pradesh. The nearest airport is at Vijayawada while the nearest railway station is at Guntur. Amravati is also well connected with other parts of the country by a well developed road network.