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Osmania University

Situated in Hyderabad, the Osmania University is one of the most reputed educational institutes in India. This multi-faculty and multi-disciplinary institute offers a wide selection courses in Science, Humanities Social Sciences, Medicine, Technology, Business Management, Information Technology and Oriental Languages.

History of Osmania University

The Osmania University was founded in 1917 by Nawab Mir, Osman Ali Khan, Nawab of Hyderabad. It was the first university to be established in the then princely state of Hyderabad.

The alumni of Osmania University have reputed personality from different fields of work. The alumni include the Governor of Reserve Bank of India, Members of Parliament, Ex-Speaker of the Parliament, Journalists and other celebrated individuals.

Description of Osmania University

Built over 1600 acres of land, the Osmania University includes majestic buildings which showcase beautiful and unique architecture.

Almost 300,00 students from India and abroad are pursuing higher education in this reputed institute in Hyderabad.