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Paigah Tombs

Located about 10 kilometers from Charminar, the well-known Paigah Tombs are popular tourist sites in Hyderabad. The tombs are unique in their design and architecture. The lattice work, arched alcoves and exquisite designs are fine examples of extraordinary architecture.

History of Paigah Tombs

The History of Paigah Tombs dates back to the 18th century. During the reign of the second Nizam between 1760 and 1803, Abdul Fateh Khan Tegh Jung who was rendering services to the Nizam, founded the Paigah nobility. With the marriage of Fakhr-ud-din Khan with the daughter of the second Nizam, the relation between the Nizams and the Paigah nobility strengthened. With the passage of time the Paigah nobility was considered second to the Nizams of Hyderabad.

After the death of Tegh Jung in 1786, he was buried at the entrance of what today stands as the Paigah Tombs complex.

The tombs are laid over almost 40 acres of land. The mausoleums showcase extraordinary artwork especially the intricate inlaid mosaic work. The architectural features of the tombs are extraordinary and unique to the Paigah Tombs.

The mausoleums are enclosed in designed marble facades. The Paigah Tombs are undoubtedly the finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture including characteristics of the Asaf Jah and Rajputani styles.

Some of the outstanding tombs are the tomb of Amir-e-Kabir, Sir Asman Jah and Begum Khurshid Jah.