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Kolanupaka Museum in Kolanupaka

The small town of Kolanupaka in Andhra Pradesh is best known for its museum. It came into prominence in the eleventh century A.D. when it was made the capital of their kingdom by the Kalyani Chalukyas. Presently it is well connected to other parts of Andhra Pradesh. Roadways and railways link Kolanupaka to Aler which is at a distance of about 6 km. So a visit to the Kolanupaka Museum in Kolanupaka will be no problem at all.

The Kolanupaka Museum was set up by the State Department of Archaeology and Museums. This museum houses an amazing collection of arts and artifacts. This unique collection exhibited in the Kolanupaka Museum is the result of the initiative taken by the state department of archeology and museum. They have gathered it from the various historical monuments of Kolanupaka.

Most of the objects displayed belong to the period when the Chalukya and the Kakatiya dynasty ruled the area. Any visitor will surely like to witness the hundred images that have been housed in the Kolanupaka Museum.The sculptural gallery is truly impressive.

Kolanupaka was an important center of the Jains. The Kolanupaka Museum in Kolanupaka exhibits objects which will help you to know a lot about the Jain art and tradition. Make sure that you visit the Kolanupaka Museum in Kolanupaka when you come to the state of Andhra Pradesh.