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Amaravati Amareswara Temple

The Amaravati Amareswara Temple is located in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. This important pilgrimage centre thrives on the bank of the sacred Krishna River which flows along this town. You are sure to enjoy a visit to this temple which is thronged by a large number of devotees’ everyday.

History of Amaravati Amareswara Temple

At one point of time Guntur was an important Buddhist center. However with the accession of Hindu Rajas to the throne, there was a shift in focus. The presence of the Amareswara Temple near the Buddhist Stupa stands witness to the fact that there was a revival of Brahmanism in the region. The temple was constructed in the 8th century when Buddhism had declined. For all these centuries, people have visited the temple regularly to offer their prayers.

Description of Amaravati Amareswara Temple

The main sanctum of the temple is in the center of the temple and it is surrounded by sub shrines, each being located in the four cardinal directions.

You will certainly be impressed by this temple constructed on the basis of the Panchayatana concept. Its architecture is indeed very impressive.


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