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Hanumakonda Thousand Pillared Temple, Warrangal

Warrangal has a rich historical past. It was the capital of the Kakatiyas. The Hanumakonda Thousand Pillared Temple located in Warrangal is emblematic of remarkable art and architectural dexterity. You must visit it to be able to appreciate the qualities of our ancient craftsmen.

History of Hanumakonda Thousand Pillared Temple

The temple was constructed in the year 1163 by King Rudra belonging to the Kakatiya dynasty. The authenticity of this piece of information cannot be questioned because there is an inscription near the temple which provides us with this piece of information.

Description of Hanumakonda Thousand Pillared Temple

At the entrance of this temple which is shaped like a star there is a Nandi Mandapa. Typical black basalt Nandi Bull with a very fine finishing is to be seen in the Mandapa. It is carved out of a single stone and the polish has been retained to this day. Then you will behold the thousand-pillared hall.

Even though the hall is referred to as the thousand pillared hall, there are just about 300 pillars in the hall. Three separate shrines dedicated to Rudreswara, Vasudeva and Surya are there in the temple. These shrines are beautifully decorated with pillars embedded in the wall and with sculptures. You will surely be impressed by these exquisite sculptural works. The carvings in this grand temple are elegant and refined.