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Veerbhadra Temple

The Veerbhadra Temple is located on a small mound referred to as Kurma Sailam in the sleepy village of Lepakshi in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Lepakshi has attained a great deal of historical and archaeological importance because of the presence of the Veerbhadra Temple.

Constructed way back in the 16th century, the Veerbhadra Temple stands as one of the finest examples of Vijaynagara style of art and architecture. The shape of the Veerbhadra Temple bears a great deal of resemblance to the tortoise. Even though the commanding deity of the temple is Veerabhadra, several other gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon are also regularly worshipped here. Some of them are Lord Rama, Lord Shiva who is also referred to as Lord Papanasesswara and Durga.

The Veerbhadra Temple at Lepakshi is divided into three parts. They are the Mukha Mandapa, the Artha Mandapa and the Garbha Griha. But what is sure to attract your attention immediately after your entry to the Veerbhadra Temple are the Mandapams. All the Mandapams are intricately carved with beautiful sculptures. The exquisite sculptures enhance the beauty of this magnificent shrine.

It needs to be mentioned in this context that though all the Mandapams are strikingly beautiful do not miss out on the Kalyana Mandapam which contains a large number of pillars carrying the life size images of dancers, musicians and other figures carved out on them. One cannot simply take one’s eyes off it. They still stand in their original splendor reflecting the remarkable architectural and sculptural dexterity of those artisans of the bygone era. According to legend, Lord Shiva and Parvati were married at this very spot.

The ceiling of the Veerbhadra Temple in Andhra Pradesh is no less admirable. The mural paintings can be rated as the best paintings at the time of the reign of the Vijaynagara dynasty.

Yet another feature of the Veerbhadra Temple that is sure to leave you spell bound is the enormous Nandi Bull which has been carved out of a single granite stone. Its height is 4.5 m and its length is 8.23 meter.

You are sure to be amazed after a visit to this architectural marvel. The Veerbhadra Temple in Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh startles all its visitors by its brilliance.


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