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Agnigarh Hill Tezpur

Placed on the northern bank of River Brahmaputra, Agnigarh is a hillock known for its mythological and historical significance. This hill is placed in the Tezpur town. This lush hill was once the site of a fortress and is now a beautiful hill- garden with slanting lawns and a number of sculptures dotted all around

As per Hindu mythology, this hill was the site of a fortress that was surrounded by fire at all time so that no one could enter or go out without seeking permission. It was constructed by powerful and ruthless Banasura, thousand-armed asura (demon) and son of Bali. Everyone, be it the ruler of the earth or gods of heaven, were scared of him. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and he built this fort to keep Usha, his daughter, in isolation.

Mythological Legend

It is said that Usha once dreamt of a handsome man whom she had never met, and fell love with him. This man was Aniruddha, Lord Krishna’s grandson. Her friend, Chitraleka created his portrait with Usha assistance and help her identify him. However, King Banasura was not happy with this. Later, using her special powers, Chitralekha helped Usha in getting married to him as per Gandharva rites. This angered Banasura even more who prisoned Aniruddha and built a fort in Agnigarh so that Usha cannot meet him.

When Lord Krishna came to know this, he came for the rescue of his grandson. A battle started between the king and the Lord, which was won by Lord. He saved the couple and united them.

Present Time

Historians state that near the hill and the town, historical ruins belonging to the 8th and 9th century such as Bamuni Hills can be seen. One such wonderful pieces of architecture belong to the 4th century AD is Da Parbatia.

Today, Agnigarh hill offers a panoramic of the River and the town. If you like trekking, take the circular stairway leading to the top of the peak. Along with lush garden, there are sculptures showcasing several events. The hill has been developed by the Assam Tourism Development Corporation into a park for recreational purpose.

Best Time to Visit Agnigarh

Throughout the year

How to reach Agnigarh

Agnigarh hillock lies 5 km southwards of the Tezpur town. Travel past Chowk bazaar road to arrive at this site, which is one of the most popular attractions of Tezpur. The other popular attractions located nearby are Tezpur College and Chitralekha Udyan.

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